Repair & Rebuild Work Group


The Repair & Rebuild Work Group oversees the basic home repairs and rebuilding of homes (as applicable) of affected homeowners to a safe, sanitary, secure, and functional condition. This includes performing clean-ups, assessments and estimates, project prioritization, assignment of work crews, and construction management.



Crisis Cleanup

Crisis Cleanup

  • Muck and Gut
  • For property cleanup assistance such as mucking and gutting, Crisis Cleanup is available to help coordinate your needs with volunteer relief organizations ready to assist you. To register, please call 1-844-965-1386 or visit the link below.


Fort Bend Recovers Repair/Rebuild

If you need assistance or support with minor home repairs, the first step is to contact the Fort Bend Recovers Case Management Helpline at (281) 207-2555.  From there, the case managers will plug residents into the Repair/Rebuild process.

Programs available:

  • Construction Pool – fund for building materials for homeowners who will complete home repairs themselves
  • Minor Home Repairs and Materials – fund for homeowners who need support with their repairs (contractor fees and materials)