The Harvey Experience Rules and Guidelines


  • The creator and/or submitter(s) must be a resident of Fort Bend County

The work must be original

  • The creative work submitted must be an original creation

The work must relate to the theme

  • The theme of the exhibition is Hurricane Harvey.  Any submitted work that does not relate to the theme will not be accepted or displayed.

Multiple submissions

  • Only one entry per creator is allowed.  The creative work can contain more than one component but only one entry is allowed per creator.  Multiple components may include a collage of pictures, multiple canvases put together to make one painting.  Contact us if you have questions about a piece of art.


Size and Format 

  • There is no size or length restriction on pieces (see performing arts exception below).  However, exhibition space is limited.  If your piece is extremely long, large, or heavy it may not be viewed in full at the exhibit.  If you are concerned about the size of your piece please contact us at or email us at
  • There is a 6-minute limitation on performing arts to be displayed or performed during the event.  This means, your original piece can be longer than 6 minutes, but only a maximum of 6 minutes can be displayed or performed during the exhibit. The full-length piece can be viewed online.

Collaborative Pieces 

  • You can submit a creative work that is collaborative or created by more than one person.  When submitting the piece, each participant MUST fill out a submission and consent form.  Make sure that your piece is labeled the same on each form.  Each participant/creator must note that it is a collaborative piece on their submission form.

Submission deadlines

  • The deadline to submit creative works is August 15, 2018.
  • Electronic creations can be submitted until 11:59 pm (Central)
  • Physical creations must be dropped off at a drop off location by 5:00 pm (Central)

Entry process

Frequently asked questions


  • Fort Bend Recovers…with Creativity is not responsible for lost or damaged works.  We will not replace, reimburse, or insure any creative work.

Publicity and copyright information  

  • Submitted works are intended to be publically displaced online and in an exhibit to be held August 25, 2018.  Do not submit creative works if you do not wish for your work to be displayed publically.
  • The creator retains all copyrights to their work and must indicate their level of permissions on the submission and consent form.

Creative work return policy

  • Creative works must be picked up 30 days after the conclusion of the exhibit.  After 30 days, the unclaimed property will be considered abandoned and will become the formal property of Fort Bend Recovers…with Creativity.
  • Creative works that are submitted electronically will not be returned.

For a full list of guidelines click on the form: Fort-Bend-Recovers…-with-Creativity-Guidelines-English