About The Creativity Group

Who are we?

Fort Bend Recovers…with Creativity is a workgroup under the Fort Bend Recovers (the official Fort Bend County long-term recovery group) umbrella, born out of the collaboration in the Fort Bend Recovers Spiritual & Mental Health workgroup.

Our board and team members include representatives from:

Independent artists
Attack Poverty
Beautiful Feet Studio
Easter Seals Greater Houston
Fort Bend County Health and Human Services (FBC HHS)
Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (FBC OEM)
Fort Bend Independent Living Center
Fort Bend Star
Groove Music School
Houston Galveston Institute (HGI)
Shady Oak Primary School
Sugar Land Skeeters
Texana Center
Texans Recovering Together

We also hope to partner with HOAs and community centers in order to plan events that allow survivors to create these works and participate in this process.

Why “Recover… with Creativity”?

Artistic expression can be a powerful tool in giving survivors an opportunity to process emotions, reflect on their experience and their recovery process. It can be a catalyst for many – as they take steps for moving forward in their lives. Art has a way of transforming hard truths, ugliness and heartache and turning it into something beautiful and therapeutic. We believe that creative works will be healing for the creators as well as the observers and participants.

Why the anniversary event?

The purpose of this event is for survivors to restore their sense of hope, recognize their strength, recognize their ability to overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles and realize that they are never alone. The community will have an opportunity to be uplifted, inspired, moved, and encouraged by the resiliency of their neighbors. All attending will be able to practice empathy and understand that natural disasters are often equalizers. Our hope is that this event will continue the community spirit beyond the disaster so that we can work towards living in a world where it does not just take a crisis to see a person as a fellow human being no different from ourselves.

In the future

After the anniversary event, we are hoping libraries, schools or other gallery spaces across Fort Bend will showcase and preserve pieces from the event that represent the body of work as a whole. We understand that we are in a recovery process that is worth remembering – we are living and making history.


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