Fort Bend Recovers…with Creativity

Fort Bend Recovers … with Creativity’s vision is to celebrate our community’s restoration and resilience by promoting healing and recovery through original works. 

Fort Bend Residents, we invite you to tell us about your Harvey Experience.  Are you a survivor, rescue worker, witness, or a combination of these?  Each perspective is unique and important.  Please, tell your story in any original way that you can.  Consider writing a short story or a poem, painting a canvas, composing a song or performing your Harvey Experience in dance form.  What would a “Harvey Quilt” look like?  What would a “Harvey Rap” sound like?  We hope to collect a body of work that represents the diversity of our community.  In your work, consider the following questions:  How did Harvey affect you?  How are you rebuilding/recovering/healing?  What have you learned?  Creative storytelling takes many forms and it has a way of transforming hard truth, ugliness and heartache and turning it into something new, perhaps even something beautiful.  Show us, tell us, let us know how Harvey has impacted you, your family, and your community.  In your telling, you may give voice to pain, fear, loss, as well as hope, faith and maybe even moments of humor.

— Dr. Amy Harkins, a psychologist with Easter Seals Greater Houston




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