Who Determines Eligibility for FEMA Assistance?

FEMA assistance is determined accordance with the Stafford Act, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and FEMA policy, it is NOT determined by a FEMA inspector.

FEMA Inspector Complaint 

A FEMA inspector will only review and record damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.  You may file an Inspector Complaint if you believe the inspector has behaved unethically or inappropriatly but you do not appeal FEMA’s eligibility decision with a FEMA inspector.

FEMA Assistance Appeal

All applicants who applied for FEMA assistance have the right to appeal FEMA’s eligibility decision.  You can appeal FEMA’s decision if you were denied or if you were approved but believe you should have gotten more assistance.  Appeals may relate to the applicant’s eligibility, the amount or type of assistance, late applications, requests to return money, or questions regarding continued assistance.

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