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disaster assistance

Get Assistance

The first step in the recovery process is to request assistance from FEMA. Once you have applied for assistance, many other resources are made available to you.

Get Cleaned Up

Once you have requested assistance, you need to begin the process of cleaning up the damage from the disaster. There are organizations in Fort Bend County which can help!

Get Supplies

If you need help with supplies for daily living or for cleaning up your property, visit a supplies pick-up location to get what you need to start your recovery.

Get More Help

Disasters are difficult on survivors. Everyone should get help with processing what happened so they can focus on the tasks at hand of rebuilding and recovering.

Recovery can be a long process, so start now! Take a look at our recovery resources to get started.  Resources will be added as more recovery options become available.La recuperación puede ser un proceso largo, así que empieza ahora! Visite a nuestros recursos de recuperación para empezar. Los recursos se agregarán a medida que vayan apareciendo más opciones de recuperación. Additional Recovery Information

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